Comic Book Pull Boxes

Don’t miss a single issue of your favorite comics!

The Realm offers pull boxes where we hold your favorite comics for you in our store. Pull box accounts get free bags and boards and an option for a free Previews Magazine.

We have 2 requirements to keep a box: A) Maintain at least 5 titles on your pull list, B) Clear the pull box once a month.

We reserve the right to close the pull box and put any comics pulled back on our shelves if either condition is not met. We will typically attempt to contact you before doing so, but it is not a guarantee. 

We use a web service by Comixology to help our customers manage their pull list accounts at home. Follow this link:,Brea,CA-92821

Create a login and pass:

Click on the “Connect Button”:

Then use the search engine, or, easier yet, click on the Previews tab in the upper left corner and browse current and upcoming titles by publisher. You can Subscribe to a title and it will be pulled automatically each month, or one time “Pull” a title and it will be pulled just once that month – great for checking out new stuff before committing to a monthly subscription.