Warhammer 40K League Rules

warhammer-40k-video-game-48666 WEEK 1: Setup – Dawn of War / Mission – Crusade

WEEK 2: Setup – Dawn of War / Mission – Purge the Alien

WEEK 3: Setup – Hammer and Anvil / Mission – The Relic

WEEK 4: Setup – Vanguard / Mission – Big Guns Never Tire

  • We use ITC tournament rules same as our Tournament at the end of the month, but no Forge World for the league. (Escalation and Stronghold Assault are allowed)
  • Armies are 1850 points. Points for league games are as follows. 5 points for a win, 3 for a draw, 1 for a loss.
  • Players should also record to the store the total in game points scored for each game played.
  • Space Marines and the upcoming Dark Angel Codex are allowed. DA players can switch up the rules for their armies to the current codex in two weeks when their new book releases.
  • Each week we will provide the mission for you to play. All players will play the same missions.
  • Tactical Objective cards are in play.
  • Games will use six pieces of Terrain chosen 1 at time alternatively by each player then placed alternatively by each player. (roll for who chooses and places first)
  • Players cannot play the same player twice in the same week, (unless approved by Jon or Austin), but can be back to back in alternate weeks.
  • Each League week will start on Tuesday and end Monday.
  • Players do not have to play in the store but both players need to confirm the results. And we will monitor the results for any shenanigans.
  • There are two separate bonuses challenging players can use. First is a simple army bonus. The Second is an addendum to the current scenario. You cannot choose both, only one or the other. And of course you do not have to take the bonus is you don’t want to. If you take either of the bonuses and lose, your opponent will get extra points for the league. The first has a stated number of extra points. The Second is always 3 points.
  • Please ask us any additional questions and we will update these bullet points as needed.


Space marines Bonus: 1 free (5 man scout unit) Loss: 2 points to your opponent

Opponent must deploy all of their troops, fast attack, and heavy support within 12” of the table center. Their HQ and elites must deploy at least 6” away from any other non HQ/elite unit in their army. The marine player gets to bring in all drop pods/deep striking units on their turn 1, and they go first.

Blood Angels Bonus: 1 troop unit gets +1 attack. Loss: 3 Points to your Opponent

All blood angel units gain the scout special rule, and elites/fast attack may outflank. All elites/fast attack auto arrive turn 2 on any table edge.

Space Wolves Bonus: Free 100 point Lone Wolf Loss: If he survives your opponent gets additional 2 points

Both players warlord deploy within 12” of the center of the table, with any bodyguard they have, or may bring 1 unit. The rest of the army must deploy outside of 12” form the center, and may not be closer than 18” of an enemy unit. For the first turn (roll for 1st turn as normal) only the warlord and single unit may do anything. Beginning on turn 2, the rest of the army may act.

Dark Angels Bonus: Free Chapter Banner Loss: 2 Points to your opponent

Your opponent gets a free 5 man squad of chaos chosen, outfitted however they want without a transport. Any Dark Angel unit deep striking within 6” of the chosen do not scatter, and all weapons fired within 6” of the Chosen squad get twin linked.

Astra Militarum Bonus: Veteran Squad (10 Man) Loss: 3 points to your opponent You nominate a building that is a relic of the Imperium. As long as you control it, you get a free orbital bombardment, and all friendly units within 12” are fearless.

Imperial Knights Bonus: +1 Hull point to 2 Knights Loss: 2 points to your opponent

Any weapon or war gear upgrade that the Knight player takes is free.

Cult Mechanicum/Skitarii Bonus: Increase the Feel no Pain save of one unit to a 4+, or give one unit Feel no Pain. Loss: 2 points to your opponent

Once per game, the Cult/Skitarii player may count all of their weapons as being 1 AP less, and all gets hot weapons lose gets hot. In addition you may re roll the dice to determine if a template scatters

Eldar Bonus: Feel no pain to one guardians unit Loss: +2 points to your opponent

The elder player will get a free building that they place in their deployment zone. As long as there are no enemy models within 6” or it is not destroyed, once per game at the beginning of the elder player turn may remove d3 units from the table, and immediately deep strike them without rolling for scatter.

Dark Eldar Bonus: +1 Feel no pain to one unit wytches Loss: 2 points to your opponent

Every Dark Eldar unit counts the turn as being one higher to determine the effects of power from pain. If any Dark elder unit kills an enemy unit in close combat, for the rest of the game they count the turn as being two higher instead of one.

Chaos Marines Bonus: Free 15 man cultist unit Loss: 2 points to your opponent

The chaos player will nominate 1 building at the start of the game to be a chaos portal. For every chaos turn the chaos player has at least 1 HQ or psyker model in the building, they may either add d3 to their warp charge points for that turn, or may summon a free 5 man normal demon unit from codex demons. These unit give kill points as normal.

Demons Bonus: +1 Demon Save to one unit Loss: 2 points to opponent

When a Demon unit arrives from reserves and uses the deep strike rules, they do not roll for scatter. If they arrive within 6” of a friendly unit with an icon of chaos, regardless of their alignment, they may charge on that turn even though they are normally not allowed to.

Khorne Demonkin Bonus: +D3 Blood tithe points for one turn Loss: 3 points to opponent

Once per game the Khorne Demonkin player may roll a D6 and immediately gain that many blood tithe points. If he/she wishes, they may sacrifice any number of units to increase the amount of blood tithe points they receive this way. To sacrifice a unit, simply remove all of the remaining models from the unit as casualties. A sacrificed unit must have at least 5 models remaining in the unit to add an additional blood tithe point this way.

Tau Bonus: 1 free unit of 12 Kroot Loss: 2 points to opponent

Each player will deploy within 12” of a short table edge starting with the opponent. The Tau player has the first turn. Enemy models/units may not deep strike or outflank unless they must as per their rules.

Tyranids Bonus: 1 unit of Genestealers get feel no pain 4+ Loss: 3 points to opponent

The Tyranid player will get a free spore mound building that he deploys in his deployment zone each turn will shoot spore mines, and once per game may shoot the big spore mine. This spore mound counts as a synapse creature.

Orks Bonus: +1 WS to one unit of Ork Boyz Loss: 2 points to Opponent

The Ork player may call a Waaagh!!! Every turn after the first

Necrons Bonus: One infantry unit gains Fearless Loss: 2 points to opponent

The necron player may keep any unit in reserve. They do not automatically lose the game if they begin their turn with no models on the table. The necron player splits his units evenly into 2 groups, and then rolls a d6, on a 2-6, he may choose the group that arrives by deep strike turn 1. These units may deep strike even if normally not allowed to do so. Aircraft enter the battlefield as normal. Each of these units does not scatter when deep striking. If the necron player rolls a 1, the other group comes in instead, and they roll for scatter when deep striking as normal.

Grey Knights Bonus: +1 Psychic point each turn Loss: 2 points to opponent

At the start of the game the Grey Knight player may nominate one of the enemy HQ models to be possessed by a Demon. For the duration of the game, treat the enemy character possessed this way as counting as a demon for the purposes of any rules or effects that the Grey Knight player has.