About The Realm

We Are Located At:

1033 E. Imperial hwy Suite E3
Brea, CA 92821 USA

PH: 714-990-8450
EMAIL: retail@therealmgames.com

HOURS OF OPERATION: M:12-10, T:12-8, W:12-10, TH:12-10, F:12-10, SA:12-8, SU:11-6

The Realm opened in  Nov 2003.  A small game store carrying Games Workshop, Magic, Dungeons & Dragons, and a smattering of board games.

We quickly expanded into comics and became The Realm, Games & Comics. We added many more card games (most of which have come and gone), but many that have stayed like Legend of the Five Rings and Yugioh. Our boardgame selection has expanded to over 100 titles.

In 2005 we added Privateer Press to our selection and Warmachine and Hordes have been one our best sellers. In 2006 we added Flames of War WWII miniatures game.

In 2007, 4 years after opening, we moved to our second location just across the street from our old one. We doubled our space and added five war gaming tables with many more tables for card and board games.

In 2009 we moved once again to a 3rd location. We had to downsize a bit but kept plenty of gaming space and 1/3 of the store dedicated to comics. We added new miniatures games, Malifaux and Dystopian Wars.  And brought in top of the line carrying cases by Battlefoam to carry all your wargames armies in. Comics have expanded with more trade paper backs and all new shelving displays, and a lots of excitement in the comics industry as both Marvel and DC re-launched their lines of comic books.

In 2012 we jumped into a larger space within the same shopping center, giving the gaming tables their own dedicated space and adding more tables, and vastly expanding the comics at the front of the store.

2014 Saw the release of the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition and the hugely popular Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game. 2015 Marvel comics released the new Secret Wars and rebooted their entire line of comics, and in 2016 DC will follow the new 52 with Rebirth and launch a new ear for DC comics as well.

November 2015 we will celebrate 12 years in business, with more games and more comics for Realm fans everywhere.

Our Mission Statement.

The Realm is dedicated to not only be Orange County’s premier store for gaming, but for comics as well. We strive to provide a fun and friendly space for gaming and for top organized play.

Above all else our staff is dedicated to providing the best customer service around. Each year we will continue to grow and work to become your favorite comics and game store.