Upcoming Events


Monthly Boardgame Night – Sunday Feb 1st

Come by the Realm Sunday Feb. 1st for our monthly board game gathering.

Starts at 4pm but anyone can come in and play from open till close.

Bring a game from home, or grab one from the stores library.

10% off all Board Games during the event.




Doors Open at 10:30, dice roll at 11.

$10 entry or $20 buy in.

It will be 2 list, death clock, divide and conquer 1, specialists, and finals table.

This will be the last 2014 SR. Post here if you are planning on coming.

See you there.


Warhammer 40K Tournament – Feb. 7th

The Realm is hosting a 40K tournament Saturday February 7th.

1500 Points, Battle Forged Armies Only, With a limit of two detachments. 1 Primary, 1 Secondary.
We will be using modified BAO missions.
Primary and Malestrom obejectives for scoring

(Note: Malestrom objectives are written into the scenarios)

10am Start, 3 Rounds, $10 entry or $20 Purchase.


trinity war

February Events:

Justice League Trinity War Sealed
Saturday, February 28th at 11:00am
Entry: $25 for two boosters
Build a 400 pts. team with two Justice League Trinity War boosters

Poor Teamwork

Saturday, February 14th at 11:00am
Entry: $5 [or purchase a minimum of $10 worth of HeroClix products]
500 pts. Golden Age, No Battlefield Conditions or Event Dials, Minimum 5 figures

A team cannot have a character that shares a common keyword or Team Ability with another friendly character. Character may not be carried. Character with Telekinesis may not target friendly characters.