Upcoming Events


DOT Magic

Dragon of Tarkir Launch.

Join us at The Realm for our Friday Launch Event

Friday March 27th. – 7pm

$15 entry – 3 boosters of Dragons of Tarkir Booster Draft.

Special Promo Release Card with every entry.

Plus 2 packs per player into the prize pool.


  Warhammer 40K Tournament – Sat. April 4th

10am start – 3 rounds of play. $10 entry or $20 Purchase

1750 points, Battle Forged Armies only – Up to 4 detachments allowed.

Escalation and Stronghold Assault are allowed, but no Forgeworld.

Missions played have a primary objective and secondary maelstrom objectives built into the scenario.

Players do not need to bring their Maelstrom cards.

Call, email, or stop by the shop to sign up.




MARCH 28th – 11:00am

Entry: $5 or $10 worth of HeroClix products]
Modern Age: 100 pts, 200 pts, 300 pts.
Build a 100 pts. team, a 200 pts. team, and a 300 pts. team. A figure cannot be used more than once in this tournament.
In round 1, the 100 pts. team will be played.
In round 2, the 200 pts. team will be played.
In round 3, the 300 pts. team will be played.