Upcoming Events

 Warhammer Fantasy Tournament

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June 6th – 10am start

2500 points, 3 rounds of play. $10 buy in or $20 Purchase.

House rules included in the scenarios are: Fleeing units at the end of game are worth half points. Units at or below half strength and the end of game are worth half points.

Hills block line of sight for non large size models and are open ground.

No Folding Fortress.

End times lists are allowed, but a 50% cap on lords heroes. No End Times Magic.

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Flames of War Mid War tournament Saturday May 30th

Come down to The Realm Saturday May 30th for a Mid War Flames of War tournament

The tournament will be 1645 points, with a 9AM start time, and dice rolling at 10AM.

$10 entry fee or $20 product purchase, prizes will be store credit.

Pre-register with our facebook event.