You’re painting models, we’re not able to gather, but lets paint together remotely.

We’re doing a monthly painting challenge! The season will be approximately six weeks (give or take) with approximately a 2 week overlap between seasons giving folks an flexibility to bow out of certain seasons, take breaks between or more time, or even just power though and work up the discipline of monthly.


  1. Email a photo. On or after the start date, email a photo of the unpainted (may be unassembled) model to retail [at] therealmgames [dot] com. The photo must contain the main page of a news website (NPR, CNN, Fox, whatever) on the day you submit the photo (to verify you haven’t begun painting). Please follow this step carefully. You may start up till the final cut-off date (14 days before close of season), but a photo with the unpainted model must be sent with news website in background on day you begin. Please contact us if this is unclear.
  2. Submit payment. Entry fee is $5. You can submit that by visiting here. The $5 will be added to your store credit after the challenge ends.
  3. Paint then email photos for submission. Once you have completed and up to midnight on final date, you may submit a photo or series of photos of your painted model.

To double back and make clear, you may join at any time once the season has begun, up until two weeks before the end, you just need to email that photo in (see #1) and submit payment online (see #2). The photo is meant to verify you didnt begin before your start date.


Each season will have a theme. The goal of the season is to help sharpen focus and to make the canvas more even (its harder to compare a single lieutenant to an Ork Stompa).

“Solo” Theme – begins Oct 24, ends Nov 29 – Pick any single, standard 26-40mm unit model and paint them to your liking. This can include a snow or holiday motif. No vehicles or larger units. Examples include Space Marine or Ork units, commanders, single Marvel Crisis Protocol, Legion units and leaders — may be a single model or group. Last day to enter: Nov 14th.

“Winter” Theme – begins Nov 14, ends Dec 29 – Pick any single, standard 26-40mm unit model or group of models up to 8, and paint them with the idea of “Winter” in mind. This can include a snow, ice, holiday or similar motif. No vehicles or larger units. Examples include Space Marine or Ork units, commanders, single Marvel Crisis Protocol, ASOIAF, Legion units and leaders — may be a single model or group. Last day to enter: Dec 18th.

“Big Bad New Year” – begins Dec 18, ends Jan 31 – Pick a larger model. And paint any larger model, should be at least half again larger than any single 28mm model. Examples include but are not limited to giants, ogres, monsters, dragons, Space Marine Terminators or Knights of any size, tanks or vehicles, Hulk, or MODOK, or Kingpin, etc. (at 28mm+).

Paint together online!

We’ll be posting our works-in-progress with the hashtag #TheRealmPainting on Instagram, and we’ll be sharing these on our official IG and FB along the way! (If you aren’t public, we’re happy to follow you so you can keep your stuff private, and repost as makes sense.)


We will have two winners. One Random Winner will be selected from anyone who participates (and does not win as Best Painted). One will be named Best Painted Winner. Both will win $50 in store credit.

Both will be announced within 3 days of end, and both will be invited to drop off and display their models at the store.

Model must match model initially submitted (with reasonable accommodations for unexpected conversions or modifications, etc.).

Model must be fully painted including at least 5 colors and a basic basing.

We judge based on theme (if any), technical skill, creativity, and composition. They may include dioramas, but will not be judged on the diorama. We will do our best to avoid judgements based on camerawork or lighting, but please be careful about your lighting being too bright or too dark.

Fine Print

Any genuine model may be used. Model must not be offensive in appearance, including offensive language, symbols, conversions, or sculpt.

We’re not requiring a purchase of items as we have in past to allow remote participation, should cheating or abuse of the system occur, we may return back to a purchase model. This includes loopholes in verification. There is some honor system to it, but we’re doing it so you can brainstorm ahead on themes and build models in advance, as well as maintain social distance.

In general, the goal is fair play and community at a time where we could use some good will and fellowship. Please keep all participation in this spirit. We reserve the right to disqualify someone for acting in a manner we deem against this spirit.